10%-20% Homemade corn grain agricultural price fish grain cow feed pellet machine feed pellet mill

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10%-20% Homemade corn grain agricultural price fish grain cow feed pellet machine feed pellet mill
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Condition: New
Type: Feed Pellet Machine
Voltage: 380V
Power: 7.5KW
Dimension(L*W*H): 1000*450*800mm
Weight: 200 kg
Warranty: 5 years
After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Certificação: CE ISO SGS
Name: feed pellet machine
Capacity: 200-300kg/h
Pellet diameter: 2.5-6mm
Pellet density: 1.1-1.4
Material moisture: 10%-20%
Color: According to your request
Transmission type: reducer
Quick-wear parts: die and rollers
Material of die and rollers: alloy steel
Lifetime of die and rollers: 1500-2000hours
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Certificação: CE ISO SGS
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Packaging Details: feed pellet machine packed in wood cases
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corn grain farm price fish grain cow feed pellet machine/homemade feed pellet mill

Flat die feed pellet machine adopts belt and worm and worm wheel two levels of transmission, steady running, low noise, feeding on the gravity of the material itself, avoid jams, the spindle speed of about 60 RPM, the linear speed of the roller is about 2.5 m/s, which can effectively remove the gas in the material, increasing the close degree of the product.

Due to the low speed, and reduce the noise produced by the runtime and parts wear and tear, can produce products of high fat and high molasses roller bearings have special lubrication and sealing, can prevent the lubricant pollution in the process of pelleting material and reduce the loss of lubricant, this model have a variety of aperture and compression ratio between 6-10 mm flat die to choose from, the user can choose different aperture and compression ratio according to different needs of flat die, get the best technical and economic benefits.

1.dry into dry out without drying.

2. low energy, high output, easy to operate.

3.Can produce round ball pure organic fertilizer, organic and inorganic fertilizer, biological organic fertilizer;








Pellet diameter




2.2 (4 level)




5.5 (4 level)



11 (6 level)



15 (6 level)



22 (6 level)


Wood pellets:0.3-0.4

Feed pellets: 0.5-0.7

37 (6 level)


Wood pellets:0.5-0.6

Feed pellets: 0.8-1.0

45 (6 level)


Wood pellets:0.7-0.8

Feed pellets: 1.0-1.5

55 (4 level)







 Wood pellet machine use process if use undeserved, can make wood pellet machine appeared some faults, it will affect the normal production of the wood pellet machine, makes the production capacity decline, so do what work to avoid these problems?Here is Shandong Hanyu for you by us to summarize:  

Select suitable models according to their own raw materials, mainly concentrate selected wood pellet machine, crude fibre more than 50% select wood pellet machine, if the crude fiber more than 50% use wood pellet machine has a great influence on the capacity and the machine itself.   

Custom-made compression ratio of the mold according to your own raw materials, because of different raw materials suitable for different mold compression ratio, if the compression ratio wrong, the capacity and pellets quality are influenced.   

Keep the wood pellet machine clean.Users in use is often do not pay attention to maintain the cleanness of pellet machine, it has accelerated pellet machine service life, so we must keep the pellet machine clean, so that it can improve the service life of the pellet machine.   

Regular maintenance inspections pellet machine, found that the problem handled in time, if unchecked, later more is not easy to repair.  

Do these aspects will make your sawdust pellet machine with time will be longer, create more economic benefits for you! Shandong Hanyu environmental protection equipment specializing in the production of wood pellet machine, welcome you to come to choose and buy!

Strong after-sales is the guarantee of you choose Han Yu pellet mill.
1.Pre-sale services: to provide you with project design, process design, Set out scheme of choose and buy equipment which suitable for you according to your specific needs, design and manufacture products, training technical and operations personnel for you.
2.Sale of services: to accompany you to complete the equipment acceptance, assist in the development of construction program and detailed process.
3. After-sale Service: The company sent technicians to the scene to guide the equipment installation, commissioning and training of site operators.


1. General questions to design the production line for you? 
    A: What is your raw materials? ( help us to confirm which machines will be used and to confirm the mould compression ratio of the pellet machine )
    B. What is the moisture content of your raw material?( If the moisture is high, you need a dryer, becuase the suitable moisture content to enter pellet machine is 13-15% )
    C. How many output capacity do you want per hour / month/ year?( help us to choose the suitable type and models of the machines for you ) 

2. How long is your guarantee?

 5 yeas for the machine body,12 months for the motor and 1000-1500 working hours for the quick waering parts(die and rollers).


3. Will you send engineers to install the machines?
Of course. Our company has professional installation engineers team and specialized after-sale service team. When the machines arrive your factory, we will send our installation engineers to your factory at once. Our engineers will guide you to install the machines and training your workers how to operate the machines and mentain the machine.


4. Voltage requirement ?

Our machines can use 380V, 220V, 240V, 415V, 480V, and 50Hz, 60Hz or according to your requirements.


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